D. auratus “Ancon Hill”

This is a smaller form of auratus, and one of several mostly black forms of auratus. Many of these darker forms are very shy, but these guys are not that bad, probably better than blue auratus, but not as bold as green and bronze auratus. One interesting thing about these frogs is that the females have short bars in their pattern, along with the spots, but the males are only spotted. I am not familiar with another instance of sexual dimorphism in dart frogs.

Juveniles show a more typical auratus pattern, which gradually changes to the adult markings, so sexing will still not be possible until they approach maturity in most cases.



Six point, black auratus, spotted auratus

Terrarium Preferences
Upper seventies to low eighties High

Terrestrial frogs, but will climb.

Visibility in the tank
Groups of these compatible
Up to about 1.25 inches Quite bold and active

Yes, do well in groups as long as they are not overcrowded. Keep up to three to a ten gallon, four to a twenty tall or six to a forty gallon tank.

Experience Level
Compatible with other species?


Yes, should be ok with other species if not crowded

Breeding :
Status in Hobby
While best results will probably be achieved in pairs, this frog often can be bred very well in groups. Using a group setting to sex them is also helpful. Set up a group, and allow them to pair off with each other. Separate pairs if desired, or if breeding is not successful.

Stable and common.

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This female Ancon Hill has the characteristic bars which mark most females of this from.

This male is a more light brown color than most of the specimens we have.



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